Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Day wasted....

Another day passes with no job and no internet. At least Ron is not planning to evict us yet. The housing inspector is coming today to let us know if we can live there legally or continue to break the law.

Jeremy has given you all the up-to-date info, except for the strange posters that Otis has been putting up...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

After long weeks of Jeremy pestering me, I have returned to blogging. Yea-ha. What a rush.
Still no job, so the search goes on. Luckily i have enough cash to last into September, if I budget well. The house is still under construction, little by little it may be done by the time Porcfest 2005:The Documentary hits the theaters.
I've been looking into a used car so that I don't have to pay Jeremy's Taxi service $100 a week to drive me to a job in Manchester, all of 15 miles away. I'll probably just use the Otismobile(Ron's minivan) and pay him for its use. Soon, every one here will have a car but me.
Speaking of Jerry MacKinney, his latest plan is to start a local bar, as there are NONE within a 15mi or so radius of Deerfield. We need money-perhaps Roger Lewis will back us..