Saturday, February 10, 2007


Well, my car has not broken down yet. It seems to be waiting for my warranty to expire. On Monday I got the paycheck that I was supposed to get the past Thursday. You see, I have to ASK for my check, even though I get paid the same days as everyone else, the 1st and 15th. I couldn't get it before lunch, as the boss was busy with a client the whole morning. I finally got it after waiting for 30 min after work. "You've got to speak up if you want to get paid." There is the boss and six employees, counting me.

My gas tank was near empty, so I rushed to my nearest bank(TD Banknorth), which is 8 miles from work near Portsmouth. Of course it was closed, and the 'gas' icon was lit up. I went to a supermarket that had a bank branch open, but they couldn't cash my check as I didn't have an account.

With no cash on me, I could walk back to work and at least spend the night indoors, or call my roommates for an embarrassing pick up. Ron had shut off his phone. Jeremy was too far away to bother, and I didn't want to call Carl as I owe him too much already. My last chance was to call Morey, who lives close by in Dover. Thankfully, he drove over and loaned me $20 to fill my tank at a nearby gas station.

While driving home I thought about all the people who have helped me out in life, even though I'm kind off a jerk sometimes(check my comment to Jeremy's last post) and generally sloppy about most things. When I was in high school, I wanted to be as self-sufficent and closed off as possible, to avoid having to depend on people or on a job.

Of course, I goofed off in my senior year(after nailing a 3.4 my junior year) and in junior college, not picking a career plan and just taking courses that I thought would be cool. Lets not even discuss me dropping out of the University of Minnesota twice. Ack. Someone should have smacked some sense into me.

So, in general, my impulsive behavior combined with my procrastination is still my downfall. Before I get too carried away with self criticism...

My mother for staying with me during my cancer treatments that took away my Sophomore year of high school. (15 years in remission) Even though at the time I found it kind of annoying.
My Father for working himself to the bone to support us. Not that he had a job that he hated, but that he shouldered it because the benefits were the best he could hope to get.
My Aunt for buying my brother and I school clothes and shoes when my parents couldn't. And for paying my 2004 MI tax bill..still haven't paid that back...
My paternal grandmother for baking lots and lots of treats for me and never scolding me when I ate more than my fair share. Also, for using the line"It's my body and my choice what to do with it" when everyone tried to get her to stop smoking.
Mr. Lewinski, my high school sociology teacher/basketball coach. Whenever I started feeling sorry for myself, he'd confront me "You're not stupid, you just don't stop and think things out. Here's how to do it the correct way."
Mr. Bowman, my JC English teacher, for pointing me to a novel called Atlas Shrugged. "You're a smart kid. You should love this." Yep, I still love it.
Mr. Ludwig, for paying for most of our trip to PorcFest 2005 and other trips in the name of Liberty. Possibly the smartest person I know. Now, Where's our movie?!!!
Mr. Helwig, current landlord, for allowing me to be a little behind on rent in order to get set up in NH. Also, for buying nearly all the groceries in the house while Mike and I are broke.
Carl, for not kicking my ass when I wrecked his car. I'll be repaying you starting in March.
Jeremy, for driving me home from the liberty Center all those times. Not to mention taking care of me when I was hammered. An all round class act and wise person whom I am lucky to have met.

Yeah, there are lots of others, and lots of other things I could have added about the people I've named. It's good to have people in your life that care for you, but I still worry about being a leech on people's good nature.

I'm going to regret posting this..


At 9:50 PM, Blogger Insurgent said...

What a thoughtful and frank posting. Methinks that thanks and gratitude aren't expressed often enough in life, and I include myself in that observation. For all the people who we know have helped us, how many more do we not even know about?

ps--I think that Mr Lewiski was right :)

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Niklas said...

Yeah Mr. Lewinski and Mr. Bowman were both right.

So let's hear about your NHLF/Alt Expo experiences!

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Insurgent said...

Remember St Paddy's day last year?


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