Thursday, May 25, 2006

Return of Chopsy

Nearly twenty days after the last post. Things continue as always. I don't own a Culligan machine and have to drink fluoridated tap water, so my mental facilities are some what challenged.

I'm looking for someone who has the technical ability and equipment to burn a web torrent onto a DVD. If you can and would like to help me out, check out in the May 22nd post.

Speaking of Eva (again...I'm going to bore my four readers-though you should watch the series), the $125 M plus live-action/CGI movie seems to be chugging along as slowly as another movie I could name. Let's just say Roger Lewis owes me $333.33 for audio work. The Eva movie is due sometime between late '07 and early '10. Cue Insurgent Peak Oil comment. Latest second-hand news here. A 6 minute clip of early art is here.

Back to old unpleasant reality. Recent Supreme Court unanimous ruling says cops can walk...make that bust into your house without a warrant if it's an emergency. I heard a scream! Let's check it out! I'm getting this for our NH home.

From, a premiere anarchist site, this article, the troops I support. The troops who refuse to slaughter civilians to benefit oil companies. Remember kids, always do what your leaders tell you. After all, we are at war with those evil forces which want to kill you. You want the US to win, don't you? If you must criticize our leaders, do it quietly, preferably in your own head-especially if you're a famous entertainer who the masses might actually listen to.

Also from today's Root: War under false pretenses .
and of all people, Barney Frank bashes big spending R's and US Ag policy

News Flash-the IRS has decided to quit collecting the infamously ridiclulous 1898 phone excise tax. This luxury tax of 3% was placed on phone service to pay for the War for US colonies. After we accquired lots of prime fruit growing real estate...I mean, freed lots of people from evil Spanish rule, this tax just stayed and stayed.

Until we meet again,

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Business as Usual!

Well, RealID is now LAW in New Hampshire! Goddamn fucking Republicans destroyed the anti-RealID bill in the Senate. The seven Democrats and two Republicans voted for the bill, but the other 14 Republicrooks voted to replace the bill with a 13 member commission that will "investigate how RealID works in NH". Nice. Now when people tell me that R's are better than D's when it comes to our rights, I have one more reason to go BBAAAAA!!! BAAAA!!!

Now the Senate has $3 million to play with. I hope they enjoy it. It will cost about $12 M to enact this plan, plus millions more to counter all the noncompliance and hacking.

Ron is becoming wonderfully anarchistic! On the NHfree board, a poster suggested targeting the evil Senators when they come up for re-election. Ron's masterful reply: "Or sooner if you're a good shot " Oh my, they are coming to our house. Maybe you'll get to watch it on the news, that is if you're not in a FEMA camp!!

On that note, you might be a survivalist... You give baby goats names like Barbecue. You plan where to stop the advancing hordes.

The low tech road might not be so bad..the FCC has implemented fees for mandatory federal wiretaps and surveillance. "The first obligation is the safety of the people" I'd feel a lot more safe without Big Brother looking over my shoulder. Though I'm already on lists.

Your quote for the day, from Ludwig von Mises in his 1944 book Omnipotent Government-The Rise of the Total State and Total War.

"The State is a human institution, not a superhuman being. He who says "state" means coercion and compulsion. He who says: There should be a law concerning this matter, means: The armed men of the government should force people to do what they do not want to do, or not do what they like. He who says: This law should be better enforced, means: The police should force people to obey this law. He who says: The State is God, deifies arms and prisons. The worship of the state is the worship of force. There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, corrupt, or vile men."