Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hello Again

After what seems like months of Jeremy asking me "Got a job yet, Chopsy?" and "When ya gonna update your blog?" every single day, I have posted this to obtain some peace and quiet.

With no job, no somewhat decent but underpowered gun(so it finally arrived, Lee?), and the future looking darker and darker every time I check the news, there isn't anything to blog about that you guys haven't covered.

I've become so used to my roomates arguing that I don't want to blog about that, either. Not a day goes by in which either Ron(usually) or Jeremy don't make some unusual or stupid comment and then attempt to create an arguement to support their statement.

Now, I make stupid statements every day, but these guys are supposed to be smarter than I am. Example: The infamous 'butter' incident.

Scene: Ron and Jeremy in the kitchen. J points out that using real butter is healthier than margerine. R: "Margerine has partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, butter has air mixed in it, which has nitrogen and other shit in it. I don't want to eat that." J laughs. R makes butter churning movements to illustrate his point. R continues: "Margerine is made in clean, efficent factories whereas butter is made in crappy wooden churns. who knows what is in it. There's probably mercury in it." J and I both laugh. R: " No shit, mercury floats around in the air. How do you think it gets into fish and birds. The factory has central air, so mercury can't get into the system." Please note that throughout this conversation Ron is being completely serious.