Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mexico has legalized drug possession. Perhaps the US will do the same. I keeed, I keeed. But New Hampshire is taking the first steps.

In other NH news, RealID is circling the toilet. Good riddance.

It's hard to be optimistic when the world seems to be racing towards oblivion. Massive amounts of squandered wealth, immeasurable human suffering and death, not to mention ecological destruction, all to ensure that some leaders and their pals have cozy shelters to starve in when the oil wars and economic collapses occur.

But that's the way its always been, growth-stagnation-crisis-collapse-growth, ever since we reached the intellectual level neccesary for civilization. Humans are flawed, yes, not in a spiritual way, but in the fact that we cannot know everything, and cannot truely know others. We all have destructive, egomaniacal tendencies, balanced more or less by tendencies of tolerance, paitence, and respect. All large scale projects are corrupted by the people on the bottom, middle and top.

Still, whatever happens, we seems to work through it. Human dignity, courage, and ingenuity are the true 'gods' that make life worth living. No need of Human Instrumentality or Maromi for me. Yes, those are anime, but they fit my rambling.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

I've been sucked in by the black hole of coolness created by the uber-blogs of Lee, Jeremy, Rex, and Luke. Now I must blog or suffer the consequences.

Onward! I'm moving to the (truely) Free State soon, and my goal is to be at least as much a pain in the ass to TPTB as Otis the Protest Dog is. Won't be urinating on any mounted cops, though. Just not that hardcore. I thought about trying to be a major-league insurgent like Jeremy, but that's a way off.
Speaking of New Hampshire- the state House turned down REALID 217 to 84, along with the $3 million enticement that came with it. Now it's going to the Senate. NH will probably be the only state to refuse this collossal fraud.
" It'll help us find terrorists!" Sure- " Hey! This guy owns X number of guns, contributed to some Badnarik guy, AND refused microchip implantation!! Terrorist for Sure! Call the media, and I'll get the tank!" Can't see a scenario where people in the market for a fake ID just bribe the DMV clerk. Oddly, the US Congress sent some lackey to convince legislators otherwise.
Why does any freedom loving person think they can change Minnesota? Rex, Corey, Lee, Bob Smith, Luke-we'll keep the light on for you. And provide cover fire while you sneak across the border to freedom!
Sadly, jobs that pay $11 plus an hour for entry level are kinda scarce. I hope this isn't me. This would be OK, though.
Three short videos :
When Bike Cops Attack!

Legos! Legos! Legos!

And one of the strangest protest videos I have seen. I found it on Claire Wolfe's great blog.
Every Breath the Fed takes
Its not really protest, I guess, but it's cool.