Friday, June 09, 2006

Going over the falls

Scary thought-Luke, Jeremy, and crew are having fun up north. Then, out of the sky....this monstrosity. Controlled remotely and able to blast you to bits from 15,ooo plus feet. No need for Homeland Security troops.

Great cop story- Someone reports a door left open at a San Fran apartment complex. Two cops respond, and find two men in the apartment-legally. One guy has prior convictions and no love for cops, so he leaves to hide in the attic untill they leave. Cops pursue. The attic is only 2 1/2ft. high, so the female cop stands on the stairs to talk the guy out. Male partner behind her thinks he sees a gun in the renter's hand. FIRES his gun right next to his partner's head! The bullet grazes her head and momentarily disorients her(gee, really) and she draws and kills renter. You can read the story here. Of course, the police department originally announces that the renter shot at the cops.

Three great articles on Lew rockwell - the first is a hilarious article on the amazing al-Zarqawi, who appears when he's needed and dies when the administration needs a shot in the arm. the second is a reminder that the iraq war is evil:

Gentle reader, are you getting enough vicarious pleasure from the slaughter of Iraqi women and children to justify this price tag? Is murdering "ragheads" that important to you? If so, you are one sick person, just like every member of the Bush administration.
The last is proof that smoking Cannibis is much healthier than smoking tobacco.

Sadly, I may never be able to post again. This is not due to my imminent move(227 hours and counting) to New Hampshire. For that matter, you will definitly NOT be able to see Jeremy's blog. The reason, gentlemen, is that we have a group of evil fucks in power called Republicans.
If you want to get really mad, check this-Due to whining by Verizon and AT&T(Lee!!! WTF!!) not to mention oodles of cash, the bastards in the House have basically handed control of the internet over to them. You see, these companies are forced to run the internet over their systems but don't get a cent of the E-commerce bonanza. So, to head off bankruptcy, they've developed a plan to offer access to certain sites with improved service-the fast lane for those who pay a lot more and for companies who also pay a lot. Other users who don't want to pay for internet service like cable TV? well, they are relegated to the slow lane, probably dial-up.

And they defend their vote as being "pro-free markets"! "We don't want to prohibit that" says one Rep. My fears are baseless, though as the happy COPE act(Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement) will contain all the freedom from site denial that I need. It's really sad when the Rs are so bad the Dems actually impress me.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Glorious Day for Our Leader

It's so wonderful to see Conservatives wank off to today's news. It validates the whole invade Iraq strategy! Wouldn't have killed him if we hadn't gone in with the troops! President Bush is a great leader who bravely leads us to victory in fifty or sixty years!

Good thing we'll have a Democrat in the White House, huh? Then they'll get rid of all the bad things the Neocons did and restore peace and tranquility.

I not going to the Fema camps, are you? These camps are in case of emergency influx of immigrants. Whyever would that happen?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Hate you, Jeremy MacKinney

It pains me to admit that Jeremy was right and I was...mistaken...on two topics.
First, he told me back in Febuary that we would move in June or July. I did not believe him.

The second time was when he sent a message from the Kinder Goats E-mail list which described a new program to ID virtually every farm animal in the nation. I did not believe this would be possible due to the billions of animals and the massive non-compliance.

Sadly, it's true. Every animal that comes into contact with other animals must be monitored and identified to save us from bioterror. Now I've got to get a good job to buy some NH land and non-comply the hell out of this.

How can anyone be optimistic anymore? The next 20 years will mark the end of this demented nonsense as the bills finally come due. Of course, the elites will be well protected while the majority of the population reels from NewBucks, triple digit inflation, $10 plus a gallon gas, a educational system that values feelings and happy thoughts more than learning, and martial law. Hey, kids, it's a FREE credit card with a $1000 credit limit and only 40% interest!

The beleagured population will beg the Gov for help and stability, and they'll get it. How far can people press their luck? The worst part is that it is(was) avoidable without a lot of pain or effort by the masses.

As you all know, I work for the second largest employer in this state. Employment comes with a mandatory account in the state retirement account, which I will be closing out when I move. This comes with a 30% tax hit up front, turning my $1350 to $950 or so. My boss couldn't believe I was cashing it out instead of putting it in a 401k. "What, are you expecting Social Security to pay for your retirement?" "No, the SS will be bankrupt within 20 years. I don't expect to live to see 65, so I'm using it now on the 3 G's." Guns-Gold-Goodies. He changed the topic quickly.

Goddamn. I just wanted to live peaceably on a ranch with solar, wind, and geothermal power supplies raising alpacas and bison and growing hemp, rice, and other useful things. I actually believed the the biblical great tribulation would come before 2000, requiring self-sufficency and the ability to evade TPTB. Now it's Peak Oil and massive debt. Geez-why am I a pessimist?

By the way, I have not converted to Mr. Ruppert et al's version of future events. Peak Oil to me is the exhaustion of current oil fields without enough newer ones due to ecological cost. Where I diverge from Jeremy is that I don't see the end of Industrial civilization and the return to 1750's era life. We will pump every ounce of oil, burn all the coal, and use all the natural gas before that happens, which will last us about 100-150 years. Assuming people are alive after the massive increase in pollution, global resource wars, and mass famines, there should be sufficent alternates to maintain whatever civilization is left. Another aspect of many Peak Oil scholars is Population Control, that is eliminating the 'surplus' people so we don't starve. Please note that Jeremy does not subscribe to this view. This is to me one of the most destable ideas I have heard and it brings to mind the camps and gulags of years past.

Now, when preparing for the end, remember never to have chemicals that may be used to make M-80s around, even if you're a scientific supply company. If you do, heavily armed Consumer Product Safety Commission agents will storm your business. Yes, the CPSC has armed swat agents.

Nonetheless, Wolfson says, “we’ve fostered a very close relationship with the Justice Department and we’re out there on the Internet looking to see who is promoting these core chemicals. Fireworks is one area where we’re putting people in prison.”

Fire Bad!! Fire Hurt Ugg!!

Leaving on a good note- It's the flash 3 Dudes and a Puppy, starring Rex as Dude 1, Jeremy as Dude 2, Lee as Dude 3, and Chopsy as the Puppy. Well, not really, but the characterizations are so close it's scary! Watch for a guest appearance by Nik as CatMan.